Let’s get this party started!

Once upon a time, in a long …long lost discotheque……… a star exploded. When the glitter settled, five hobo party creatures crawled out from the abyss brandishing strange stringed instruments and unique party vibes.  Their one sole purpose….. to bring joy and merriment to any occasion.

Popular pop classics were melted down and recast in the strongest of ho bo, uptempo, folk, gypsy, rock n pop party music. Together they can accomplish anything.

Lady’s and gentlemen…. Long live the Hobo Disco.

Dare you book us?



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Hobo Disco. Live function band based in Leicester.

(happy to travel)

Our Repetoire is ever growing.
However….. we think these tracks are great fun….

Backstreets Back
Bad Romance
Get Lucky
Heaven is a place on earth
Mysterious Girl
Poker Face
Price Tag
Real Slim Shady
Sex Bomb
Shut up and dance
Someone Like You
Staceys Mum
Take on me
Take me to church.
This is the life
Wake me up
Wrecking Ball

If you require a special song for your special day we are happy to accommodate at no extra cost……. because we love you.

Get in touch,  go on!!! Click here!!

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Booking Info

Ok ok… it’s true. We do like to bring the party,  but we are also dedicated musicians who pride themselves on delivering a fantastic experience and product.

To guarantee your satisfaction and peace of mind we will happily provide a contract which on agreement and receipt of deposit will guarante our performance at you event.

We are on your side and are happy to work in what ever way best suits you.  We treat each booking individually, and quote for exactly what you require.  We are happy to perform one or multiple sets of different lengths. If you wish for us to supply background music or disco before or after the performance this can be arranged.

Example HoboDisco_contract

For all day events ( most commonly weddings), depending on your requirements we may ask if it is possible for you to supply us with food (access to the buffet) or a simple warm meal. The reason why we ask for this is that some venues do not allow acts to bring their own food.  (I know crazy huh?????  Some venues however will provide catering for acts …… but we can sort all this of this out once you’ve been in touch)

We require approx 3 meters by 2 meters of space (doesn’t have to be a staged area) and suitable time and access to the space to set up and soundcheck. (approx 1 hr)

If the venue has a PA we are happy to use this. (this saves you money)

I guess your next step is to CLICK HERE and get in touch.

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Many thanks to Melton Gig Guid for this footage.